The Queen’s Room

You can find me here until further notice. I don’t like the weay wordpress works with photos…and ya’ll know i’m all about the pictures!


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Today is the Day

I’m begining my journey into wordpress. I still have my typepad blog up. I’ll be using it until I can get wordpress down pat. I finally figured out how to put a photo in the blog post without it being ginormous….so next thing is how to enable my flicker widget.

the reason I am attempting the move, is because I”m trying to cut some costs…and typepad is one. 8.95 doesn’t seem like a lot…but over the course of one year, it’s over $ 107!

Just 3 more days and i’ll be on my way to the beach. I plan on taking a billion photos…but it’s going to be hard, because there will be no kids to photograph. There are only so many sunset and wave photos, ya know?

So I shall leave you with a photo…showing off my mad wordpress skills (hah!)


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